Calibre is here for the great breathtaking once in a lifetime concert and staging experiences, we offer not only technology but helping you create immersive experiences. With robust reliable equipment to keep you on the road and execute breathtaking events.


Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Live Touring Staging

Live Touring & Staging






Concerts / Staging


Road ready equipment to survive rigorous use. Calibres products provide reliable, award-winning features which help to unleash your inner Michaelangelo, to produce events that will leave you in awe like in the Sistine Chapel.






Calibres solutions are designed to be scaled to your every need, to make it easier for you to establish the right visuals. From small conferences to large stadium tours Calibre has what is needed. 




Associated Products



L730 Front


Calibre 3D Front edited


AIO LED 130 01S 72dpi



  • German Wine Awards

    When live shows require reliability Calibre is there to not let you down 


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