LEDFusion A130

All-in-One LED超薄顯示屏為LED顯示屏的突破性創新設計,產品具備並超越現有LED拼接屏的極輕薄外觀與易移動性,模組化設計讓130吋大螢幕也能輕鬆組裝搬動,解決同尺寸LCD屏無法進入電梯及易破損的問題,並安裝時間少於1小時,適用於中大型教室及會議室、宴會廳、企業或飯店大廳、廣播電視、商場以及公共數位看板等各類型應用場景。


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All-in-One LED超薄顯示屏全屏通過多個國際安全認證:




Exclusive Visual Experience


Built-in Calibre HQUltra Image Core Engine


With excellent edge enhancement technology, every image detail is exceptionally sharp and beautiful.

Up to 4K scaling and ultra low latency video processing assured your live performance to be remarkable.


 4in1 led


Robust 4in1 LED
4in1LED is composed of 4 pixels, and the thrust strength is 4 times stronger than the traditional 1010 SMD structure.
Efficiently reduce the maintenance cost compare to the conventional structure.
Furthermore, the LED surface is treated with a matte surface that the light can be distributed evenly and also improve the contrast ratio. The unique optical design obtains a wider 170-degree viewing angle and good image sharpness so that each viewing angle is the optimal angle.
AIO feature1


Very Fine Pixel pitches ensure vivid images


AIO feature2

High Refresh Rate

>3000 Hz

AIO feature3

True Color Visibility

Fusion LED Display has a wide color gamut with accurate and vivid colors to viewers. The excellent quality of the color purity makes unparalleled true-to-life images.

AIO feature5

High Contrast


AIO feature6


Exceptional Gray Scale

Calibre LEDFusion AiO LED display is able to show up to 256 grayscales

which enhances its ability to show image details spectacularly


AIO feature7

Adjustable Brightness

Simple quick brightness adjustment by remote or App

AIO feature8

HQUltra 4K Scaling

Up to 4K Image Scaling Quality with low latency video processing





ProductLEDFusion A130
Resolution (W x H)1920 x 1080
Display Area (W x H)2880 x 1620 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) with Bezel2919 x 1659 x 38 mm
Weight125 kg / 275.5 lb
Panel Size (W x H)240 x 135 mm
Panel Resolution (W x H)160 x 90
LED Type4in1 SMD
Pixel Pitch1.5 mm
Brightness (Max)600 nit
Color Depth16 bits
Contrast Ratio5,000 : 1
Viewing Angle170 °
Display Refresh Rate> 3000 Hz
Color Temperature6500 K

Operating Voltage

& Power 

AC 200V-240V@15A

(max 3000W, 600nit)

I / O

HDMI*2, VGA*1, 3G-SDI*1, USB*4, HDBaseT*1, RS232*1, LAN Control, Audio 3.5mm*1

Operating ConditionTemp:-10℃ ~ +40℃;Humidity:10% ~ 85%