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Addresses growing opportunity for remote interaction applications


Yorkshire, UK, March 2020: Calibre UK has announced that its HQPro1000 now benefits from a number of enhancements, further consolidating the HQPro1000’s position as the market’s leading switcher/scaler.


Many of the new features found in HQPro1000 make it now even more suitable for remote interaction applications, a market that Calibre sees as growing rapidly as businesses and organisations look to minimise travel and face-to-face contact.


“Distance learning, cloud meetings and medical display are typical of the remote applications that have become increasingly popular as organisations look to reduce cost, increase productivity and minimise their carbon footprint,” said Willy Tsai, Managing Director, Calibre UK.


“Now, they have another reason to evaluate the solutions available from Calibre to facilitate video streaming and remote interaction – and the new functionalities we’re introducing for the HQPro1000 further enhance its ability to deliver the optimum response.”


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Offering those features typically only found in higher priced high-end rental products, the HQPro1000 is also the ideal seamless scaler/switcher for fixed installations. It features a modular architecture, true seamless switching, support for multiple sources and layers, plus a confidence monitor output. Scaling is provided by Calibre's best-in-class low-latency proprietary HQUltra technology.


Of particular relevance to remote interaction/distance learning is that the HQPro1000 now has the ability to create a virtual classroom.  It can be set up in a chroma key studio and transmit four layers of educational material, with a camera used to capture the teacher/lecturer – providing the most comprehensive educational experience. The HQPro1000 now also features the flexibility to adjust each layer - size, location, brightness and so on with single pixel precision - to create a more dynamic educational scene.


Recently added input AoI (Area of Interest) functionality enables the user to define and focus on key details on a specific input source – the teacher/lecturer, for example.


Acknowledging the need for even greater detail in current generation remote interaction applications, the HQPro1000 offers support for true 4K (60Hz 4:4:4), providing zero-compromise image quality. The provision of up to 30 presets now enables users to define specific characteristics for different class types.


Beyond these enhancements, the HQPro1000 now provides simple custom per-pixel sizing for LED displays direct from its dedicated menu - meaning no lengthy setups. Configuring the optional quad 2K output card means that users can easily output the same content onto four LED walls. Alternatively, with advanced splicing, a user can merge irregular LED walls to create one single LED wall.  


“The value delivered by the HQPro1000 is unparalleled in the industry today,” continued Tsai. “It offers far more in terms of functionality and performance than users have been led to believe is possible at this price level, making it affordable for those who believed they would have to compromise with something much less capable.”


“Even better,” Tsai concluded, “the modular architecture of the HQPro1000 allows customers to choose only those features they require - as well as providing a straightforward, cost-effective upgrade path should their needs change.”


About Calibre

Multi-award-winning British company Calibre is a pioneer in image processing technology. Over the past 30 years, it has achieved world recognition with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and was one of the designated brands for video processing in the Olympic Games. Calibre is a market leader with innovation, providing image scaling and processing technology for use in broadcast and television, large venue projection and LED videowalls. Calibre became part of Coretronic Corporation in August 2017, which is a milestone in the global chain of the Coretronic Group. Coretronic will continue expanding its international market share, cultivating the industry’s best talent, innovating in technology and providing each customer with added value.



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