With so many different forms of Broadcasting material, the aim of every broadcaster is to grab the attention of the viewers with stunning backdrops and powerful visual effects.


TV studios

TV studios

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Sports live Stream







Studios / Broadcasters


Calibre provides high quality products that are key components for broadcasting companies to transmit images helping them to create great backdrops for the world to see.  


In studio environments, visual communication is of upmost importance. With Calibres technology you can create mesmerising backdrops but with emphasis given to reliability, ease-of-use and assembly. 






Calibre offers the ultimate studio back drop solution, with the introduction of the A130 AiO LED. With its stunning imagery eas-of-use, mobility and it's quick assembling and disassembling procedures, it will become a permanent feature in your studio environment. 


The Fovea series of scalers allows you to frame convert the orginal content and transmit it anywhere around the globe.  




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Fovea F1 copy copy


Calibre 3D Front edited


AIO LED 130 01S 72dpi