How do I return my product for repair???


All products require pre-authorisation before returning, firstly complete and return one of the below RMA request forms and return it to us either by e-mail to  It will then be passed to a member of our technical team to see if we can provide you with support and prevent the need for a unit to be returned. 


If we are unable to offer any help then you will be contacted with your RAN (Returns Authorisation Number)







Once you have received your returns number, please arrange to ship your product back to us in suitable packaging (ideally in its original packaging if available). Do not ship your unit back without the returns number, it will not be processed through our service system and resolving your issues could face delays


If you are outside of the UK it is essential you complete the correct export documents. You must request that your courier or freight forwarder completes UK Customs form C101 for Temporary Import to the UK, otherwise you will incur duty and tax charges.

On return to the factory, we will perform investigations and tests against the supplied fault information.  Once testing has been completed and the fault confirmed we will either

  1. Repair and return if under warranty and fault not due to customer damage. 
  2. Inspect and complete fault report provide a quotation for repair.

In the event that a unit is found to be NFF (No Fault Found) an invoice may be issued for the time spent, irrelevant of whether the unit is under warranty.