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LEDView 4K LED Scaler-Switchers

Calibre 4K LEDView scaler-switchers bring ultra-HD capability to LED screens.  Using Calibre’s proprietary HQUltra halo-free low-latency scaling, these products provide stunning image quality in demanding applications providing the ultimate scaler-switcher solution.  Calibre's HQUltraFast input switching technology is able to change inputs in approximately 0.5 seconds.  HQUltra scalers are perfect for demanding applications including professional AV, staging, broadcast, houses of worship, medical, corporate AV and education.


HQUltra technology provides pixel-accurate image resizing with outstanding downscaling and upscaling capability. As with previous generations of Calibre LED scalers, LEDView700 series includes Calibre's fast and perfectly accurate screen set-up interface with edge-based image sizing and positioning.

LEDView730 and LEDView770 are ideal for rental, staging, broadcast and fixed installation in demanding environments.  Models are available with between 8 & 12 inputs including HDMI, DisplayPort and optional HDBaseT with 4K50/60 4:2:0 support as well as support for legacy inputs and include 3G-SDI inputs and output and with genlock capability for staging and broadcast live-in-camera use.

LEDView720 and LEDView725 are cost effective 4K LED scaler-switchers for fixed installation applications such as public information, retail, house of worship, conference venues and mobile LED trucks.  LEDView725 includes an integral HDBaseT input and output.  LEDView720 & 725 include the same 4K connectivity and outstanding image scaling as the more powerful LEDView730 & 770 models but without the expense of 3G-SDI and genlock.


All models now also include as standard H.264 1080p streaming video input so networked IP video content can be fed directly into the LED scaler for display on the LED screen without the need for a separate IP video decoder.


HQUltra700 series are universal live events scaler-switchers with the ability to drive flat panel displays, projectors or LED videowalls.  These premium models include 3G-SDI, Genlock, Analog Audio and H.264 1080p Streaming Video input as standard. For LED videowalls HQUltra700 models have a special LED mode with per-edge pixel-accurate image sizing for fast pixel-perfect image alignment on arbitrary resolution LED videowalls.



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LEDView HD Scalers with Warp & Blend features

LEDView530 is an LED scaler for professional, broadcast, sports & rental/staging use.  LEDView530 features front panel LCD menu and jog-wheel control and supports screens from 128x96 to 1920x1200 pixels per unit with innovative and powerful pixel-accurate Output Window per-edge-based sizing.  

LEDView530 can also be used in projection mode with warp & blend capabilities for optimal hire-fleet inventory utilisation.

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