HQUltra 4K Seamless Scaler-Switchers

The HQUltra4000 range of products are true seamless scaler-switchers able to support up to 40 sources grouped into 23 discrete input channels, 4 programme outputs plus an independent confidence monitor output.

HQUltra4000 includes custom LED videowall menus that allow users to quickly and pixel accurately size any input source on the LED videowall.  HQUltra4000 models can drive any type of video display device, including projectors, LCDs and LEDs in any fixed installation or rental/staging environment.

HQUltra4030 models support multiple layers with up to 7 PIPs/layers in total as well as a scalable background layer for each output channel. It is ideal for control room, broadcast and events environments.

Perfect 4K/UHD scaling is provided by Calibre’s best-in-class low-latency proprietary HQUltra technology with all programme outputs which simultaneously support up to 4K50/60 4:4:4 RGB formats.

HQUltra4000 Series is the perfect solution for connecting to the new extremely large LED and flat panel videowalls. The scaled image can be distributed across all four outputs, perfectly aligned and synchronized, allowing the HQUltra4000 to drive a programme surface area up to true 8K/Quad-UHD. That is an incredible 8192x4340 pixel area.

HQUltra4000 Series is also able to be the matrix switching and control hub for a multi-location installation with all four outputs able to independently run differently scaled content onto four displays each up to 4K resolution.