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PV6M Video Processor Slave Board

PV6M is a video processor slave board for integration as an embedded item within another overall system.  PV6M provides fast low risk access to Reon-VX™ and its associated HQV™ processing capabilities without the need for large volume commitments which would otherwise be required for access to this technology.

The PV6M accepts parallel digital video input which is processed by its on-board Reon-VX™ and then output as parallel digital video data.  Optionally a TMDS/DVI or 3GSDI output can be provided.

Through a comprehensive API the host system can control signal processing parameters, system configuration and access the OSD engine for display of system and user interface data.  An OSD builder application is also available to licensed users for creation of own-brand OSD menu styles, or custom OSD development can be undertaken by Calibre.

HQV™ exceptionally high quality video processing and scaling is provided as standard.  Optional extra image processing features include advanced geometry correction, custom image warp mapping and multi-region edge blend, including capabilities not available as part of the normal Reon-VX™ feature set.

PV6M is an OEM-only product which is customized to meet client requirements.  Provided primarily as an OEM design and manufacture solution, Calibre can also license the PV6M IP to high volume customers where its in-house manufacturing is unsuitable for customer volume requirements.  For low-mid volume customers Calibre exclusively manufactures PV6M in-house in its own UK factory, providing a high quality seamless OEM design and manufacturing solution.

Calibre also offers a design support service for existing Reon-VX™ users who require assistance with design improvements or extensions.  This is undertaken on a fee-paying basis for customers who need help modifying or improving pre-existing products.

Note: Calibre's own Reon-VX™ IP is only available with purchase of a PV6-range product line on a design & manufacture or licensing basis.  Support services provide support of customer-owned IP but do not provide access to Calibre's own IP.