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PremierView6 Scaler

This is a stand-alone derivative of PV6 designed for use as a separate scaler or for integration into an AV receiver, projector or as a stand-alone video processor or format converter. 

It has all the features of PV6 except that instead of having output connectivity for an LCD panel it has a DVI, HDMI output, or VGA analog output & is an HDCP repeater instead of an HDCP sink.  The PV6 Scaler also has internal connectivity for video signals in analog or digital formats for integration with other processing boards within an AV receiver and it has an audio in/out bus in SPDIF and I2S format to allow easy integration with the audio processing functionality of an AV receiver.

PV6 Scaler is also available with warp and soft edge-blend capabilities as an optional extra to qualified OEMs.

Click here for the Evaluation Board Datasheet