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Display Driver Board


This is a ready-to-use OEM product but since it is our own in-house design we can easily customize it to suit customer specific requirements.  It is designed as a fully integrated solution for LCD displays up to 1080p or WUXGA and to ease system integration and reduce overall display BOM cost it even includes on-board power supplies capable of running panels up to at least 82".  All that is needed to make a display is PV6, LCD panel, backlight controller/inverter and mains power supply.

PV6 has a wide range of inputs including ones suited to consumer, pro-av, medical, broadcast and industrial applications.  The design is such that we can relatively easily add or remove further inputs, for example for consumer use the HDSDI input can be removed and with a relatively simple board re-spin the number of HDMI inputs could be increased.  PV6 can also support various user interface options including a simple contact-closure keypad, a complex I2C-bus connected keypad, IR and RS232 serial control.

Calibre's firmware within PV6 has been further enhanced compared with stock Reon firmware in many ways.  The stability has been much improved and its performance on European signals has been rectified.  There has also been a significant amount of work undertaken to reduce system latency, this has proved very successful.  The PV6 can be switched between two operating modes via OSD, a very low latency mode with latency as low as 0.25 frame for a progressive input format and a best picture mode which has a latency still lower than that of standard Reon designs at around 2 frames depending on input format.  Even with these latency reductions, noise reduction is still functional, although motion adaptive processing such as MADI is not available in the very low latency mode.  This implementation opens up new opportunities for Reon where its latency would otherwise be problematic.

The PV6 firmware also adds the concept of user pre-sets whereby up to four full OSD system set-ups can be saved, named and recalled.  This is required for premium consumer applications where installer or user calibration for different viewing environments may be required by the market.  Along with this, we have added the ability to custom calibrate color and bias (cut-offs) for R,G,B on a per input channel basis.

PV6 has flexible internal connectivity as well as external signal interfaces.  It is compatible with 8-bit and 10-bit LCD panels and can support internal signal connections in CVBS, S-Video, Component and HDMI/DVI formats, allowing easy connection of devices such as DVB tuners or media servers which may be integral to the overall display.  Internal RS232 connectivity is also available for implementation of control interfaces for DVB tuners.

One other nice feature is that PV6 has a configurable OSD logo.  We provide a "logo loader" PC utility which allows OEMs to load their own OSD logo, or could even be used by a system installer if the OEM wished.