PAL Encoder
NTSC Encoder
Interlace Buster

Industrial Signal Conversion

RGB to PAL/NTSC Encoders

Calibre's RGB to PAL/NTSC Colour Encoders convert RGB 15.625KHz/50Hz or 15.75KHz/60Hz analogue video into PAL or NTSC composite and S-Video (Y/C) formats respectively. They accept sync in various styles including sync on green, composite sync and separate TTL level H & V syncs. The composite and Y/C outputs are independent and may be used simultaneously.

Interlace Buster - Gem80 Industrial Display Re-Processor

Calibre's Interlace Buster is a high performance de-interlacing graphics scan converter designed especially to allow older Gem80 industrial control systems to be used with modern Industrial computer monitors. Using an Interlace Buster, system life can be extended beyond that of the display without the need for costly and time consuming graphics hardware and software upgrades.

The Interlace Buster removes the need for now obsolete long-persistence monitors and provides a crisp, stable and flicker free picture on modern high resolution CRT displays as well as modified LCD Displays from Calibre. The Interlace Buster is transparent to the host system and requires no software changes or complex installation procedures.

Interlace Buster also allows full compliance with modern health & safety requirements for display flicker reduction which cannot otherwise be complied with by older Gem80 Imagem and Page Video systems.

Note: Interlace Buster is specifically for use with Gem80 systems.  For de-interlacing of other 15.625KHz or 15.75KHz legacy signals or AV-style video signals use PremierViewProHD-AV or the HQView range.

Please be aware the Interlace Buster IBG812 is no longer available for purchase.