TFT LCD Displays

Calibre manufactures LCD monitors for many professional display applications. Key markets include industrial, OEM, broadcast, medical, surveillance, homeland security, process control, aerospace, military & rail.

Calibre designs professional LCD displays from the ground up to do the task they are destined for.  These are not simply re-badged or re-packaged consumer-grade displays, unlike those sold by some of our competitors.  In the world of LCD displays you really do get what you pay for, if it seems too cheap to be true, it probably is!

Calibre's standard range of LCD displays encompasses products from 6.3" through to 30" with many signal options and mechanical configurations to suit various different users.  All however have a common theme - they utilise Calibre's own image processing electronics - PremierView6, PremierView4, PV4-Lite depending on the model.  Additionally, all are built to exacting standards using premium grade LCDpanels.

Many signal inputs and different grades of image processing electronics are available to suit applications as diverse as industrial control, surveillance and broadcast.  Inputs available include multistandard PAL, NTSC & SECAM composite (CVBS) and YC (S-Video), component video in RGBS/YPbPr formats, VGA analog, HDMI & DVI digital with or without HDCP, and YCbCr SDI digital broadcast-grade video.  HDTV models with YPbPr EDTV/ HDTV and HD-SDI compatibility are also available, for further information please contact us directly.

All LCD Displays are manufactured to order, please contact us for availability