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UCA93LV is a fully-featured USB to I2C-Bus Communications Adapter from Calibre UK, the industry standard leader in I2C-Bus Comms Adapters for PCs. The UCA93LV builds on Calibre's well-proven ICA90 & PCI90 I2C-Bus Communications Adapters which are now widely regarded as the industry standard tool, thousands of which are currently in use by companies large and small

The UCA93LV/C package includes the USB - I2C-Bus adapter module, USB cable, a comprehensive user manual, Windows 98/2000/ME/XP device drivers to enable users to integrate the product with their own software applications and a real-time I2C-Bus monitor program. Ready-to-run WINI2C software for immediate control and development of I2C-Bus systems is also available as an optional extra and is strongly recommended for new users.

  • True I2C Compatibility in 100KHz and 400KHz modes
  • Operates as Master, Slave or Real-Time Monitor
  • Fits any PC with free USB Port
  • Win98/2000/ME/XP device drivers and monitor software included
  • Monitor includes real-time address range filtering for data capture from specific devices
  • I2C Configuration through software
  • +5V power available on I2C connector
  • WINI2C/UCA application software available as an optional extra
WINI2C/UCA is Calibre’s Windows I2C application for your UCA93LV USB to I2CBus Communications Adapter. This application is designed to 'quick-start' new comers to I2C whilst providing the more experienced user with a set of very useful tools. Versions for 98/ME/2000 and XP are included.

Please note: The latest operating system designed for this adapter is XP.  There are no drivers for any later versions of Windows