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The ICA90 is a highly flexible, low-cost I²C-Bus communications adapter for use with I2C-Bus systems running on 5V supplies. The ICA93LV is available for use between 2 and 6V so is ideally suited for use in low-power 3V applications.

The package supplied includes the half-length IBM PC compatible card, a comprehensive user manual, sample software routines and source code functions in C and TurboBASIC for all I2C-Bus operations as well as set-up and status checking routines. A real-time bus monitor/data logging program is also supplied. 16-bit Windows DLLs are provided for users wishing to write software in either Microsoft C++ or Visual Basic.

  • True I2C Compatibility
  • Operates as Master, Slave or Real-Time Monitor
  • Fits any PC, AT or ISA/EISA bus computer
  • Software Function Libraries & User Manual included
  • I2C Configuration through software
  • Link selection of I/O Addresses
  • I2C Connection via 9 way D socket
  • 5V Power output to run external devices under test
  • WINI2C/ICA application software available as an optional extra
WINI2C/ICA Windows I2C application for your ICA90 or ICA93 Communications Adapter is available now from Calibre UK Ltd. This application is designed to 'quick-start' new comers to I2C whilst providing the more experienced user with a set of very useful tools. Versions for 95/98 and NT4 are available.

Note: ICA90 drivers and software are not compatible with Win2000 or WinXP. For 2000/XP users, PCI90 or UCA93LV are the recommended alternative products

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