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I²C-Bus Communications Adapters

Calibre designs and manufactures the World-leading range of I2C-Bus communications adapters and software for PCs.

  • High-Speed external USB-I2C Adapters
  • Internal plug-in cards in PCI and ISA formats
  • Available for 5V and 1.8-5Vlow voltage I2C-Bus systems.
  • Ready to run WINI2C software package for lab-work and learning to use the I2C-Bus is available.

Originators of the original I2C-Bus plug-in card, the ICA90, Calibre's I2C-Bus support tools are now in use by major electronics companies throughout UK, USA, Europe and the Far East.  World-wide they have become the industry-standard solution for PC-based I2C-Bus communications.

UCA93LV is the latest I2C-Bus Comms Adapter from Calibre.  It is an external unit which connects via a USB port.  It builds on the strengths of the well-proven PCI9x and ICA9x range while adding support for high-speed I2C-Bus modes up to 400KHz, address selective bus monitoring and real-time display of monitored data under Windows. UCA93LV requires Win98/ME/2000/XP. WinXP is strongly recommended for all real-time monitoring applications.

PCI90 and PCI93LV PCI-based I2C-Bus communications adapters come supplied with a hardware user manual and Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/XP device drives and a Windows based real-time bus monitor program. Wini2c ready-to-run 95/98/NT4/2000/XP software for immediate control and development of I2C-Bus systems is also an option for the PCI cards.

ISA bus adapters come supplied including the plug-in card or desk-top unit, a hardware user manual, sample software routines and source code functions in C and Basic for all I2C-bus operations as well as set-up and status checking routines. ISA cards also include a DOS-based real-time bus monitor program. 16-bit Windows DLLs for programmers using Microsoft C++ or Visual Basic are included as standard. Optional extras are 32-bit DLLs (Win95 or WinNT options) and ready-to-run software for immediate control and development of I2C-Bus systems.