Professional Alternative Content Processing for Digital Cinema

Alternate Content Processing for Digital Cinema is a uniquely demanding task which requires the best possible scaling and image processing if the viewer experience is to be maximized.  The large screen size and dark viewing environment mean that noise and picture softness which would not be noticed on a normal projector or TV screen suddenly becomes apparent to the viewer.

The situation is exacerbated because Alternate Content feeds are often not of the same quality as true digital cinema content, sometimes the alternate content comes from a professional source, sometimes from a consumer-grade source.  Often it has been mastered or recorded in standard definition.  Even feeds in HD format often contain significant noise in dark areas and areas of saturated color and many images have a lack of sharpness when shown on a large movie screen.

Using a general purpose scaler not specifically optimised for Digital Cinema simply makes the image larger, it doesn't improve the quality of the image.

To truly generate a picture of suitable quality for Digital Cinema viewing requires a video processor up to the task, for which Calibre's HQUltra Video Processors.

Next generation Ultra-HD and 4K image processing has arrived with our HQView600 Series HQUltra Video Processors.  Using Calibre's in-house video processing algorithms to deliver best in class solutions, HQUltra provides seamless interface between the worlds of HD and 4K. Providing the ultimate scaler-switcher solution, Calibre's HQUltraFast input switching technology is able to change inputs in approximately 0.25 seconds, yes, just a quarter of a second.

HQView530 is a universal HD image scaler. It has 3G-SDI input & output connectivity, genlock, pan/zoom/tilt and interlaced or progressive output capability, able to up, down or cross convert virtually all video signal formats. Powerful geometry correction is able to correct image shape and projector misalignment by dragging and dropping each image corner, or by pin/barrel/rotation, or by keystone and rotation. 

HQView600 Series outputs the Digital Cinema Alternate Content standard format of 4096x2160p and 2048x1080p so is fully compatible with the alternate content input of leading Digital Cinema 4K and 2K projectors from many manufacturers.  HQView530 outputs 1920x1080p which is also compatible with most leading digital cinema projectors.