Specialist Displays Overview

Defence & Aerospace

Calibre manufactures a wide range of semi-custom rugged cased LCD monitors for military, aerospace and transport use. Housed in tough alloy cases, these displays are ideal for arduous environments. Special lightweight models using extremely rigid high-strength sheet-alloy assemblies can be made for aerospace use  in applications such as in-flight entertainment, mission control and avionics.

Specialist capabilities include full design and manufacture services for extremely high performance displays in custom and semi-custom applications covering areas as diverse as military, aerospace, rail, maritime, medical, broadcast, homeland security and covert surveillance.

The high level of competency and flexibility of Calibre’s products is underpinned by a hugely experienced engineering team providing in-house design capabilities for key items such as the image processing and display control electronics, specialist power supplies, custom BITE facilities and customised embedded software and firmware.

Calibre also has in-house mechanical design capabilities suitable for many projects. To carry this strong capability through to production of displays, Calibre has invested in in-house manufacturing facilities ensuring those key electronic items are able to be manufactured in-house using Calibre’s own production facilities to guarantee turnaround times, production quality and tight project management.

Many major defence contractors utilise Calibre’s technology directly or indirectly through subcontractors. Calibre also has a special co-operation agreement with Petards Joyce-Loebl in the UK who provide services such as being the primary customer interface particularly when dealing directly with prime contractors and government agencies. Petards Joyce-Loebl also provides services such as specialist mechanical design, environmental and safety certification and full integrated logistics support.

For large military design & build projects, Calibre and Petards Joyce-Loebl work as a team much stronger than the sum of its constituent parts, with the ability to deliver best in class display solutions on time, in specification and on budget.

Calibre also works directly with certain other contractors where the contractor themselves wishes to provide those services which would otherwise be undertaken by Petards Joyce-Loebl.

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