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Calibre operates a quality system compliant with ISO9001:2015 covering all aspects of our operation.  We are also able to manufacture aeropsace and military products with full component level traceability where required by our customers.

Download our ISO9001:2015 certificate

Providing customers with high quality, consistent, safe and reliable products is of paramount importance to Calibre.

Complete products are CE marked or compliant with FCC requirements where applicable. 

You can download a compliance statement from our site here

We also provide friendly advice as well as professional engineering services to our customers to aid their compliance and approval programmes where our assembly-level products are being incorporated into overall systems or third-party products.

Certification to aerospace, military and rail standards for EMC, environmental and safety considerations is also undertaken where required by our customers.

We recognise the significance of the ROHS, WEEE and REACH regulations, where appropriate our products are compliant.

Read our ROHS/WEEE compliance statement

Read our REACH compliance statement

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